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RealNetworks acted as a pioneer in the streaming media industry since the early 1990鈥檚 with the introduction of Real Data Transport (RDT) a proprietary transport protocol for the actual audio-video data. In 1995 RealNetworks introduced RealAudio庐, the first audio streaming solution for the Internet. With further innovation steps RealVideoTM was developed and became what is now known as the RealPlayer庐.

Today the RealPlayer庐 is one of the most widely known media players in the world, due to continuous improvements in delivery quality and product features and to its broad compatibility across a wide variety of devices. 聽In 2016 there are over 150 Million installed RealPlayers on PC, and over 20 Million installed RealPlayers on mobile.

Our company鈥檚 story however, is much more than just the RealPlayer. 聽

RealNetworks creates products and services that make it easier for people to access and enjoy digital media on the devices and platforms they choose to use.

Whether it's music, movies, games, live streaming video, or apps that help them keep close to the people who matter most, RealNetworks thrives on giving people the fresh and entertaining experiences they deserve鈥攚henever, wherever they want.

RealNetworks does this in two ways: either directly to consumers through applications and services or through partnerships with well-established businesses and carriers throughout the world.

Today RealNetworks鈥 business is organized in three business units:


RealNetworks鈥 RealPlayer division offers products and services that help solve some of the key problems consumers face today: too many photos and videos on different devices, but insufficient free time to organize them in a smart way and share or stream them to friends or to the cloud.

With the RealPlayer technology it is easy to share stories, photos and videos with anyone on any device, and lets them watch it even if they don鈥檛 have the app! 聽RealTimes automatically converts photos and video files to fit any screen and format of whatever device 鈥 no worries, it just works!

RealTimes significantly expands the feature set its predecessor, the acclaimed video app RealPlayer Cloud, which was launched in 2013 and has more than 11.5 million registered users worldwide.

Available as a mobile developer SDK for iOS庐 and Android鈩, the RealTimes Stories SDK provides a platform that enables mobile carriers and application developers worldwide with the application program interface (API), which allows them to use RealTimes Stories, to tap into their own cloud and/or photo universe to create beautiful video montages.

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Committed to its traditional casual games, RealNetworks鈥 Gaming division runs its business worldwide under the GameHouse brand, which features a subscription business with over 100,000 subscribers and a portfolio of excellent games led by the Delicious casual games franchise.

As one of the largest creator, publisher, and distributor of casual games, RealNetworks has a huge catalog of 3,000 casual games, thus offering to around 50 million players worldwide more games and more ways to play them 鈥 all across an expansive mix of channels including online, download, smartphone, tablets and Facebook.

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Mobile Entertainment

RealNetworks鈥 Mobile Entertainment division provides products and services to more than 18 million active mobile subscribers worldwide.

Through strategic partnerships with over 100 content providers and tier-one telecom carriers such as SK Telecom, T-Mobile, Verizon and Vodafone the company delivers ring-back tones, music content and innovative apps to carriers, device manufacturers and consumers around the globe.

The unit recently released 鈥淟ISTEN鈥, the first direct-to-consumer smartphone app that allows consumers to quickly and easily customize their callers' experiences with music.

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