RealMedia® HD SDK

The RealMedia HD SDK, powered by RealMedia® HD, RealNetworks’ next generation codec technology after RMVB, is a media player SDK to bring HD video playback experience to consumer through easy integration with other media players.

Device makers, online streaming service providers, or media player developers are able to integrate RealMedia HD SDK into their native players to support RealMedia HD video playback.

RealMedia HD SDK for Android is able to support the following codecs according to user needs.

Android OS version 4.0+

Video codecs:
RealVideo 7
RealVideo 8
RealVideo 9
RealVideo 10
RealVideo 11 (RealMedia HD)

Audio codecs:
RealAudio 6
RealAudio 8
RealAudio 9
RealAudio 10
(For RMHD format, only RealAudio 10 AAC is supported for audio.)

RealMedia HD SDK for Windows supports RealVideo 11 (RealMedia HD) video codec and RealAudio 10 AAC audio codec.

Windows 7, 8

RealMedia HD SDK for Windows, Android, and iOS are available for integration to support the RealMedia HD capability. Please contact a sales representative at for sales or partnership inquiries.