RealNetworks China

RealNetworks entered the Chinese market in 2000 with the RealPlayer庐 Version 7.0 and has constantly expanded its business scope in this key regional market.

RealPlayer was instantly well accepted in China. Chinese netizens have passionately embraced the easy access to streaming videos with this media player. As of today RealPlayer reaches over 600,000 DAU (Daily Active Users).

With the introduction of RealProducer in 2003, Chinese netizens started to create and share video files in RMVB format, developed by RealNetworks.

A strong heritage of innovation of over 20 years

RMVB was spread fast and became one of the most popular codecs for video sharing by 2006 and is today still in wide use throughout China. Over the past seven years more than 1.3 Billion RMVB-supported devices have been shipped in the Chinese market.

In 2014, RMVB-supported TVs accounted for over 40% of total TV shipment to China. With the proliferation of digital devices, RMVB use is still increasing steadily in the Chinese market.

RealNetworks established the regional Chinese HQ in 2005 and thereafter developed a strong R&D capacity. Today a dedicated team of engineers develop products and services that make it easier for people to access and enjoy digital media on various devices and platforms they choose to use in both the Chinese and overseas markets.

Since 2014 RealNetworks China has launched continuously new products in the Chinese market such as RealMedia HD, the successor to RMVB. RealMedia HD is a key technology to enable chipset makers, OEMs and video streaming vendors to substantially save costs while offering high-speed HD video content streaming on smart devices. As the online streaming market is on the rise and consumers have more options on multiple devices, RealNetworks is confident in staying ahead and delivering key technology to meet industry expectations.