RealProducer™ HD

The next generation tool to encode HD video content

RealProducer HD, powered by the RealMedia® HD technology, is a software that enables content providers to offer people stunning quality for the future HD video era.  

New advantages for online community, video streaming service provider and consumers

The encoding time provided by RealProducer HD could be three times faster than that provided by x.265, a well-known H.265 encoder. RealNetworks engineers are working hard to improve this record in order to reach real-time encoding in the near future. At the same time the compression  efficiency is improved by 30% to 45% compared to similar content created with H.264. Most important for video streaming services – all these new features translate into substantial cost savings, since it needs less storage, less bandwidth and less time to upload content to the web or the cloud.

RealProducer HD for Linux

It is the ideal tool for online streaming service providers, cloud service providers, carriers, and OTT service providers. In order to enjoy the full benefits brought by the RealMedia HD technology, RealProducer HD for Linux is a must-have product for streaming providers who have already deployed the Linux platform.

Feature highlights

  • Allows faster encoding time for a quick-to-market content release – a must for every streaming vendor in order to outperform competitors with similar content services.

  • Supports HLS protocol for RealMedia HD.

  • Fully leverages the hardware capability of servers to achieve even better encoding performance.

  • Designed for quick and easy use, minimizing the learning curve for engineers.

  • Compared to open source producers, RealNetworks provides a one-stop solution, dedicated support, and customized solutions for customers.

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RealProducer HD for Windows

RealProducer HD for Windows enables consumers to create videos in HD at faster speed than H.265 with comparable image quality. It comes with a smart, intuitive user interface and enables substantially faster encoding and uploading HD video content to the web and the cloud.

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Feature highlights

  • Significant higher compression ratio and better image quality

  • Extremely high compression speed up to three times faster than with H.265

  • WYSIWYG – Content creators see immediately what they get, which saves immense time that is today wasted on adjustments of content results

  • Support for mainstream subtitle formats

  • All key tools for content optimization included in one package

  • Multiple video encoding capability guaranteed

  • Multi-screen output supported – from small mobile devices to large screen projections

  • Profile settings – easy for content creators to choose for one-click content creation

  • Degree of customization capability for specific needs of content creators very high

  • Supports mainstream input file formats

RealProducer HD for Windows - multiple editing tools

RealProducer HD for Windows - batching processing function and Profile set-up